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Robert Morgan Company

    Steeple & Building Restoration
                Since 1906

Services are, but not limited to -

  -Block & Tackle Rigging

  -Structural beam repair & replacement
  -Gold Leafing
  -Slate Roofing
  -Copper Roofing
  -Asphalt Shingles
  -Cedar Shingles
  -Metal coated roofing
  -Brick Pointing & Masonry Work
  -Lightning Damage Repair
  -Pressure washing and waterproofing
  -Lightning protection installation
  -Pigeon and bat deterrents installation & clean-up
  -Snowguard installation
Robert Morgan Co. is certified for the testing and removal of lead paint.  All precautionary steps taken, following OSHA regulation and guidelines, to ensure the safety of our workers and general public.

Call today for a free estimate, to include a thorough inspection and evaluation on the overall condition of your Steeple.

Block & Tackle Rigging - This old time skill saves the customer money that otherwise would be spent on expensive scaffolding, or cranes when not always necessary.  Our company has used this technique since its early years, four generations ago.  OSHA regulations are always followed, ensuring the safety of our workers and general public.

Painting, Siding, & Carpentry - Thorough preparation to ensure lasting quality.  Scraped, sanded, and cleaned of loose paint and debris.  Re-nail loose boards.  Apply premium polyurethane caulking products to all open cracks and joints.  Benjamin Moore paint products generally used, or brand paint of your choice, applied by brush.

The option to use vinyl siding is seen more and more.  Properly installed ensures maintenance free steeple, other than occasional power washing dependent on surroundings.  Keep in mind, siding by some accounts, take away from the architectural and historical beauty.
Gold Leafing - Thoroughly sanding all components, then applying 23 karat gold leaf over yellow enamel base to your ornaments and/or weather vane, and buffed to a brilliant shine, to finish.
Slate Roofing - Vermont slate utilized to best match existing slate and blend repairs.  Used slate is sometimes used to make best blend.  All fastened using copper nails.  Hangers are not used by our Company due to rusting and hanger slippage, causing further damage.
Copper Roofing - Regular or lead coated, 16 oz. and 20 oz., applied over 30lb. felt with new drip edge, flat seam style, with joints heavily saudered.  End product lasting 100 years+.
Brick Pointing & Masonry Work - This is necessary when joints are washed out or a "sandy" appearance is noticed, to prevent water setting and loosening brick or stone.  Early detection and repair saves major projects later.  Joints cleaned out and washed to ensure strong bond with new cement.  Portland cement and coloring mixed to match existing tone of cement and look natural, as closely as possible.
Lightning Damage Repair - If your Church or building has been damaged due to lightning striking or extreme weather conditions, we are here to make all the necessary repairs needed for you.