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Robert Morgan Company

    Steeple & Building Restoration
           Since 1906

                               UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP

Robert Morgan & Company founded in 1906 by The Morgan Family is under new ownership. Michael Duke of Errol, NH is the new owner of "Robert Morgan Company" established 2020. Where he will continue to adhere to all of the company's high standards of hard work and craftsmanship. We look forward to seeing what new heights Michael brings the company to!


   Steeplejacks Preserving the Architectural beauty in Churches throughout New England.
   We have been pioneers in setting the standards, in the Steeplejack Industry for over 100  years.

Steeple & Building Restoration
Fully Insured
Certified Lead Removal
References Available

Call (603)444-6471 today for a free estimate...

tinclude a thorough inspection and evaluation on the overall condition on the interior and exterior of your Steeple or Tower.

We receive many compliments from our customers for the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and longer lasting quality of our work.  We offer you experience, premium products, and reliable old-time skills.

If your Church or building needs repair, restoration or painting, please fill out our online information request form, to include pictures via email, and we will gladly set up some time to visit, inspect thoroughly, assess, and prepare a detailed estimate for you, at no cost.